Daam Ep – 13

May 4, 2015 3081 No Comments


DaamZara Hidayatullah (Sanam Baloch) and Maleeha Sami (Aamina Sheikh) have been close friends for over seven years. Zara belongs to a lower-middle-class family and Maleeha comes from an upper class household, yet their class difference has never threatened their unbreakable bond. Maleeha had been there for her friend through many hardships, though she never really knew the extent of the mental anguish that plagued Zara’s life. The first blow to their friendship comes when Maleeha’s elder brother Junaid (Adeel Hussain), shows his interest in marrying Zara. His parents have no objection to the union, but it comes as a real shock to Maleeha. Somehow she is unable to fathom the thought that Zara, an average status girl, could marry her only brother, who was eligible by all means. She thought that maybe this was Zara’s intention all along, to trap her brother and be a part of her fancy life.



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