Coke Studio Season 7 Ep – 07 – Hans Dhuni by Ustad Raees Khan

November 27, 2014 2245 No Comments


Coke Studio Season 7‘Hans Dhuni’ by Ustad Raees Khan in ‘Coke Studio Season 7’ on 23rd November 2014 in episode 07.

Ustaad Raees Khan Sahib is one of the subcontinent’s most revered musicians, and hails from a family of classical musicians going back thirty generations. His father, Ustaad Mohammed Khan, started giving lessons to his son when he was only two and a half years old and he was soon a virtuoso on the sitar. One of Ustaad Raees’ most distinctive styles is the “Gayaki Ang” or vocal style of sitar playing which had been developed and perfected by his elders. He brings that style here to Huns Dhun, which is said to have been based on Raag Hamsadhwani, a south Indian classical pentatonic raag. Hamsadhwani and Huns Dhun both translate into ‘Sound of Swans’ and this rendition brings that sense of elegance and beauty inherent in the chosen symbol. When performing with such musical legends, the onus on the houseband is often to create the setting where they can take centre stage. Thus the accompanying percussions and the piano are both subdued here, looking to be heard only when Ustaad Raees’ mesmerising performances requires them to.



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