Coke Studio Season 7 Ep – 06 – Descent to the Ocean Floor by Usman Riaz

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Coke Studio Season 7‘Descent to the Ocean Floor’ by Usman Riaz in ‘Coke Studio Season 7’ on 16th November 2014 in episode 06.

Descent to the Ocean Floor – Usman Riaz

Ever since he first came to the scene with his first recorded work, Flashes and Sparks, Usman Riaz’s name has often been spoken in hushed tones; such is the sense of awe his talent inspires. Immensely talented across several mediums and instruments, he describes himself as a storyteller who uses art and music. This composition titled Descent to the Ocean Floor is a testament to his ability to create narrative and depth using instruments alone. The prelude showcases Usman’s prodigious command over the piano, unraveling in a controlled, elegant frenzy. The composition then transforms to allow the piano to serve as its spine and center, with the stringed instrument coming across in various guises and moods, and later accentuated by the xylophone and backing vocals. Descent to the Ocean Floor eventually tells a thousand stories through its sounds, evoking not only tragedy and hope, but also curiosity and wonder.



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