Coke Studio Season 7 Ep – 04 – Bone Shaker by Usman Riaz

October 15, 2014 2035 No Comments


Coke Studio Season 7‘Bone Shaker’ by Usman Riaz in ‘Coke Studio Season 7’ on 12th October 2014 in episode 04.

Usman Riaz a very young artist managed to create his own signature style by playing the guitar. Usman’s debut performance in Coke Studio with ‘Bone Shaker’ channels amazing sound from the guitar in such flare that it changes ones perception of how the guitar sound can be played.

Bringing forward the first instrumental track of the season it is a beautiful song with an interesting and intricate mix of percussion and harmony, delivered with depth, precision.Usman’s track has layers of composition by adding flute played by Sajid Ali and tabla played by Babar Khanna.

Bone Shaker is a refreshing track with eastern classical influences it adds complexity and a surprise composition to it.



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