Chandni Begum Episode 04 – 5th October 2017

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Chandni Begum is the main antagonist of the drama. She is the eldest daughter-in-law of Shafiq Sahab, who has a strong hold on her family. She cunningly convinces Sahir to marry the soft-hearted and kind Khirad to keep all matters in her control. As Sahir does everything according to Chandni Begum’s directions which puts his married life in trouble. Khirad’s mother-in-law Tabassum is as evil as her elder daughter-in-law Chandni Begum and encourages her all cunning plans and decisions.

Will Khirad be happy again as she was before marriage? How will she manage to live a happy life? How will she convince Sahir that Chandni Begum is evil?

DIRECTOR: Misbah Nosheen

WRITER: Shahid Younus


  • Erum Akhtar,
  • Arooha Khan,
  • Kunwar Arsalan,
  • Sohail Asghar,
  • Kainat Chauhan,
  • Haddy Firdousi,
  • Arjumand Hussain,
  • Jahanara Hai,
  • Umair Hameed

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Chandni Begum
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