Bubbly Kya Chahti Hai Episode 25 – 11th December 2017

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Bubbly finds her soul mate in Umer with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. The drama takes a twist when Bubbly finds out about her one sided lover Rasheed, who in the beginning pretended to be a generous man but after knowing about Bubbly’s relationship with Umer, he shows his real villainous face to her. Whereas, Shabana is crazy after Rasheed and can do anything to make him happy.

Shabana for the sake of revenge marries Bubbly’s father Sabir to make Bubbly life miserable.

Along with the love rectangle, there is another love story of Erum and Rizwan, where loyalty is only found in Erum.

How will this love rectangle end?

Writer: Humaira Safdar & Sabeen Junaid

Director: Zahid Mahmood


  • Sukaina Khan as Bubbly
  • Ali Ansari as Umer
  • Salahuddin Tunio as Rasheed Mirchi
  • Shahzad Raza as Sabir
  • Salma Zafar
  • Bakhtawar (VJ Becks) as Erum
  • Riz Kamali as Shabana
  • Zaib Chaudary
  • Rizwan Mirza  as Asif and others.

Timing :

 Watch ‘Bubbly Kya Chahti Hai’  Monday to Thursday  at 07 :30 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here



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