Besharam Ep – 10 – 12th July 2016

July 12, 2016 4183 No Comments


Besharam Ep – 10 – 12th July 2016Mashal is a supermodel, she needs more confidence, and a lot more confidence for the people who hate her profession because she loves who she is!

Haider is an elected official for the country.He needs more courage to kill the confidence of those who are demolishing the society by calling themselves the role models of this country!He treats people who hate him as a stepladder to move forward with his profession!

And he loves his country; and he can do anything for the sake of it. No matter what kind of sacrifice the society asks for! He is ready for it! But what if proving themselves right requires them to marry each other?Would a supermodel like her will ever compromise on her profession?

Or would a social worker like him will ever allow his wife to sell her beauty?

What can make their living easy?
HATE? Or May be LOVE!



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