Bechari Nadia Episode 60 – 24th October 2018

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There are some uncontrollable circumstances in life, and the easiest way for most people to justify it is by putting the blame on someone, by calling them ‘ill-fated’. Bechari Nadia is a show that tries to defy such a mindset of conservative people in our society.

Nadia, played by Dania Anwer, is a kind-hearted and loving girl, known for helping everyone, and is liked by all in the neighborhood. But due to some unfortunate incidents in her life, she is labeled as ‘unlucky’ by her grandmother.

Amma, played by, Zaheen Tahira is Nadia’s grandmother who considers her as the cause of her grandfather’s death and tagged her as the ‘unlucky one’. Amma’s belief is further strengthened when her marriage proposals are broken one after the other.

Rahila, played by Rubina Arif, after her husband’s death, has devoted her whole life to raise her daughters, Nadia and Rani (Inaya Khan). After Nadia’s proposals break-up multiple times, she is forced to believe that Nadia is ill-fated.

Naeem, played by Noman Habib, is a decent and well-settled guy. He lives in the same neighborhood as Nadia, and is secretly in love with her and wants to marry her. He is forced to keep quiet because of his mother’s intense dislike for Nadia.

Naeem finally gathers strength when the situation gets worse in Nadia’s house and marries her in his parents’ absence.

Directed By: Faisal Omer Turk

Written By: Samina Ijaz


  • Noman Habib
  • Dania Anwer
  • Humaira Bano
  • Rubina Arif
  • Zaheen Tahira
  • Saleem Mairaj
  • Naeem Sheikh
  • Taifoor Khan
  • Marhaba Sheikh
  • Mahlaqa Sikander
  • Inaya Khan



Bechari Nadia
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