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Bechari Nadia Episode 113 | Best Scene | – #FizaShoaib

February 11, 2019 129 No Comments


Mehmood, played by Naeem Sheikh and Khalda, played by Humaira Bano are the parents of Naeem. Khalda is a sharp and cunning woman and leaves no chance to degrade Nadia and her family. She creates complete havoc when Naeem marries Nadia in her absence. Just because of Khalda’s opposition, Naeem and Nadia face a lot of challenges.

Mahlaqa Sikander as Nazi, Lives with her mother-in-law, and earns an honest livelihood after her husband went missing, while Saleem Mairaj as Gulfam, works as a state agent and lives in the same neighborhood…

Directed By: Faisal Omer Turk

Written By: Samina Ijaz



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