Band Baje Ga Ep – 04

May 4, 2012 971 No Comments


A comedic tale of two households that were once one complete family. Enjoy this Ramadan with a special blend humor, and the
fun and silliness that comes with marriage. Watch the madness unfold, as a father tries to get married at the same time as his daughter, while at the same time dealing with his ex-wife who also happens to be his neighbor. The show is full of a colorful collection of characters, and various celebrity guest appearances.


Mehmood Aslam,
Atiqa Odho,
Maria Wasti,
Jawaid Sheikh,
Ahmed Zaib,
Manzoor Qureshi,
Minhaj Askari and others.

Writter : Syed Riaz Hasan

Director : Pareesa Siddiqi



Band Baje Ga
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