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ARY Digital Network Pays Homage To The Ultimate King Of Qawwali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

ARY Digital Network Pays Homage To The Ultimate King Of Qawwali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

publish August 17, 2018 947
publish July 10, 2018 968
Iqra – Surah An-Nahl (Ayat 99 – 105 ) – 8th June 2018

Iqra – Surah An-Nahl (Ayat 99 – 105 ) – 8th June 2018

publish June 8, 2018 243
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Dua – 4th June 2018

Dua: Daily Segment of Dua in Shan-e-Iftar where scholars with conduct Dua prayer session to thank Almighty Allah (SWT) for His generosities and well being of human beings around the world.

publish June 4, 2018 653
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Roza Kushai – 4th June 2018

Roza Kushai: A LIVE segment in which audience will participate in celebrations of first “Roza Kushai” of kids present in the audience. Hosts, Guests, and Religious Scholars will also join the festivity.

publish June 4, 2018 1133
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Shan-e-Ilm – 4th June 2018

Shan e Ilm: A daily Islamic Quiz segment in Iftar and Sehar in which students from different universities and colleges will participate to win a bumper prize.

publish June 4, 2018 1046
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Naiki – Kon Banega Is Mazloom Maa Ka Sahara – 4th June 2018

Naiki: A Daily segment of Shan-e-Iftar where Iqrar ul Hassan will reach to the deserving souls who are eager for help.

publish June 4, 2018 862
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Inaam-e-Ramzan – 4th June 2018

Inaam-e-Ramzan: A daily interactive segment in Seher & Iftar, in which audience will be answering the questions to win exciting prizes.

publish June 4, 2018 983
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Aalim Aur Aalam – 4th June 2018

Aalim Aur Aalam: Featuring renowned Religious Scholars of different sects as guests, who will use their knowledge to discuss various religious issues followed by a question and answer session.

publish June 4, 2018 711
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Zawia – Debate competition – 4th June 2018

Zaawia: A daily segment of debate competition in Iftar. Participants would be selected through auditions to compete with each other on the basis of their debating skills.

publish June 4, 2018 1243
Ye Log Aur Tarha Baat Nahi Sunte,Main Kya Karun Mujhe Majma Lagana Parhta Hai (Shayari)

To Watch all the episodes of Shan-e-Ramazan Click here : https://www.arydigital.tv/videos/category/shan-e-ramazan-2018/ Shan e Sukhan: A Daily segment of Shan-e-Iftar where Waseem Badami will conduct traditional Urdu poetry competition.

publish June 4, 2018 214
Shan e Iftar – Segment – Shan e Islaf – 4th June 2018

Shan-e-Islaf: A daily intellectual lecture in Shan-e-Iftar on topics of daily matters of our society, in light of Islamic teachings and practices of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W).

publish June 4, 2018 614

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