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Tum Milay Ep – 19 – 14th November 2016

No matter where you live; destiny always leads you to your one true love, Tum Milay is a story of Nimra who comes from U.S.A to fulfill her father’s final wish of being buried in Pakistan. After coming to Pakistan she meets Jibran and falls in love with him,

publish November 14, 2016 2286
Naimat Ep – 19 – 14th November 2016

Naimat is a story of Sara and Babar; who were a happily married couple, but the surprises of life brings a reason for them to get distant. The trouble in their happy life begins, when they learn that their 5 year old son Bilal is suffering from a serious heart

publish November 14, 2016 7232
Saheliyaan Ep – 68 – 14th November 2016

Saheliyaan is a story of three college going girls, belonging to different classes but have one thing in common – their dreams. Although all three of them come from entirely different family backgrounds, but they do not follow a practical ideology to live, t

publish November 14, 2016 1250
Bandhan Ep – 68 – 14th November 2016

Parents are the primary source of comfort and emotional stability for their children, but sometimes over-protective parents leave a major affect on the life of their children, due to some decisions they make which they believe are right for their children. Ban

publish November 14, 2016 1463
Good Morning Pakistan – 14th November 2016

Good morning Pakistan 14th November 2016,In today’s show we had a special guest Fiza Ali,Uroosa Siddiqui,Dr Muhammad Saiful Haq invited by Nida Yasir Host: Nida Yasir Topic:Diabetes Day Good Morning Pakistan is the way you start your day and has the pot

publish November 14, 2016 6635
Jeeto Pakistan – 13th November 2016

Theme: A show like no other, where the fun never stops and the prizes just keep on coming. A thrilling segment based game show, with twists and turns beyond imagination. With excitement and riches around every corner, conducted in front of the Live audiences,

publish November 13, 2016 5401
Bulbulay Ep – 427 – 13th November 2016

‘Bulbulay‘ is about a quick witted, slapstick comedy that revolves around a family of four. Each episode is filled with humorous quirks that drives the viewer in a frenzy of laughter. Momo, Nabeel, Khoobsurat and Mehmood Sahib, find themselves in a new si

publish November 13, 2016 5132
Sitaroon Ki Baat Humayun Ke Saath – 13th Novembere 2016

Sitaroon Ki Baat Humayun Ke Saath is a program on ARY Digital which come every weekend at 11:00 AM on Saturdays and 10:00 AM on Sundays that tells us about the horoscope and the prediction for the entire week. Watch the previous episode of Sitaroon Ki Baat Hum

publish November 13, 2016 2266
Mere Humnawa Ep – 09 – 12th November 2016

She is lucky that she has a man who is willing to go to the ends of Earth for her, Haris – who is Alishba’s cousin, is head over heels in love with her. But when the odds are against you, nobody can be a help.Due to the fact that Haris is poor, he doesn

publish November 12, 2016 1538
Khuda Mera Bhi Hai
Khuda Mera Bhi Hai Ep – 04 – 12th November 2016

As the doctor declares the baby as transgender. Zain despite being very liberal refuses to accept the baby (Noor) and leaves Mahagul and his child alone. Mahagul takes bold decision against norms of the society and family pressure to up-bring and cherish her b

publish November 12, 2016 3355
Bewaqoofian Ep – 54 – 12th November 2016

Bewaqoofian is a light hearted comic series bringing everyday situations between husband & wife… The strict wife is after his clumsy husband due to his frivolous attitude… Rija is a working house-wife who always try to dominate her jobless husband. R

publish November 12, 2016 1243
Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Ep – 12 – 12th November 2016

Dularay Babu is just a single old fashioned, and a very simple man. All he wants is a someone that can make his life better, his phuppo is always there to help him out. What makes this show hilarious are all the humorous situations that take place when Dularay

publish November 12, 2016 1605

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