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Junaid Alam

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Mein Mehru Hoon Ep – 215 – 17th July 2017

Mehru who is fighting with her present in the hope of finding a better future. Her aim in life is to be living like a princess once she’s married. Shakeel promises Mehru to give her the life she had always dreamed for and he leaves for abroad after marriage,

publish July 17, 2017 4636
Rasm-e-Duniya Ep – 24 – 17th July 2017

Love makes one do crazy things and eventually the fire can engulf the proposition of a happy ending life. Linking the statement ARY Digital presents another brand new drama serial “Rasm-e-Duniya” starting from 16th February 2017, Thursday at 8:00 pm. T

publish July 17, 2017 10138
Sun Yaara – Last Episode – 17th July 2017

Sun Yaara begins with two families who are all set to meet at a wedding, Roshni who lives in Pindi comes to Karachi to attend the wedding of Lalarukh – her father’s first cousin. Though she has been aloof from her own relatives for some time -this trip is

publish July 17, 2017 22319
Saheliyaan Ep – 188 – 17th July 2017

It’s in human nature that we tend to make friends with people who we find similar to us, and that is how usually we end up making friends. Saheliyaan is a story of three college going girls, belonging to different classes but have one thing in common – t

publish July 17, 2017 4560
Ek hi Bhool Ep – 34 – 17th July 2017

Ek hi bhool is a story of two sisters and their family circumstances..Their lives messes up after the demise of their father who kept them like his princesses.. Masooma is the elder daughter who wants to take the responsibility after his father but society doe

publish July 17, 2017 3665
Good Morning Pakistan – 17th July 2017

In today’s show we had a special Guest: Fiza Ali, Sadia Imam, Muzna Ibrahim Invite by Madiha Imam Topic :  Raining Season Special Good Morning Pakistan is the way you start your day and has the potential to make or break your day. So ‘Good Morning

publish July 17, 2017 11715
Jeeto Pakistan – 16th July 2017

Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show! Theme: A show like no other, where the fun never stops and the prizes just keep on coming. A thrilling segment based game show, with twists and turns beyond imagination. With excitement and riches around every corner, conducted

publish July 17, 2017 16101
Tumhare Hain Ep 21 – 16th July 2017

Tumhare Hain is the tale of three people who are entangled in the relationship of love and friendship. Rayan who is head over heels in love with Aania is aware  that she loves him back but her insecurities are larger than her love. Insecurities of the very st

publish July 16, 2017 10963
Sitaroon Ki Baat Humayun Ke Saath – 16th July 2017

Sitaroon Ki Baat Humayun Ke Saath is a program on ARY Digital which come every weekend at 11:00 AM on Saturdays and 10:00 AM on Sundays that tells us about the horoscope and the prediction for the entire week.

publish July 16, 2017 9821
Shiza Ep – 18 – 15th July 2017

The story that holds a bitter truth of a social norm that underestimates the existence of a woman, seems like this is what drama serial ‘SHIZA’ is projecting. The play has tremendously illustrates the awareness of the bitter customs of selling their daught

publish July 15, 2017 8978
Iltija – Ep – 15 – 15th July 2017

‘Iltija’, the play is a story which is not just about love and marriage but the test which comes after the birth of a disabled child. This drama tells the story of a parent raising a child with a very common disability knows as down syndrome. Hina is the m

publish July 15, 2017 7156
Bewaqoofian Ep – 85 – 15th July 2017

Bewaqoofian is a light hearted comic series bringing everyday situations between husband & wife… The strict wife is after his clumsy husband due to his frivolous attitude… Rija is a working house-wife who always try to dominate her jobless husband. 

publish July 15, 2017 9763

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