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Junaid Alam

Join Date : September 27, 2016

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Aakhri Station
Aakhri Station Episode 6 – 20th March 2018

Woman Empowerment is not about showing women as victims, women are already strong, it’s about showing women as the heroes of their own story. This mini-series ‘Aakhri Station’ touches on important social issues plaguing our society. This series follows t

publish March 20, 2018 242
Khudgarz Episode 22 – 20th March 2018

Khudgarz is a story about love, betrayal, selfishness and its psychological effects. Featuring Sami Khan, Aamina Sheikh,Mansha Pasha and Syed Jibran in the lead roles the drama showcases a story of complex relationships. Junaid(Syed Jibran) and Hassan(Sami Kha

publish March 20, 2018 313
Bubbly Kya Chahti Hai
Bubbly Kya Chahti Hai Episode 82 – 20th March 2018

Changing the trend of love triangle, ARY Digital exclusive drama “Bubbly kya chahti hai” talks about a love rectangle between Bubbly, Umer, Rasheed Mirchi and Shabana. Bubbly belongs to a poor family but despite of that she is an ambitious girl who dreams

publish March 20, 2018 128
Jalne ka Nishan Khatam Karne Ka Aasan Tarika

Jalne ka Nishan Khatam Karne Ka Aasan Tarika

publish March 20, 2018 54
Cholesterol level Kaise Kam Kiya Jaye – Janiye

Cholesterol level Kaise Kam Kiya Jaye – Janiye

publish March 20, 2018 64
Good Morning Pakistan – 20th March 2018

In today’s show we had a special Guest : Dr Mubashara Khan, Hakeem Shah Nazir, Rani Apa Invite by Nida Yasir Topic: Health Benefits of Desi Ghee Host: Nida Yasir Good Morning Pakistan is the way you start your day and has the potential to make or brea

publish March 20, 2018 377
Kamar Ke Dard Se Chutkara Pane Ka Behtareen Nuskha

Kamar Ke Dard Se Chutkara Pane Ka Behtareen Nuskha

publish March 20, 2018 107
Jild Ko Chamakdar Kaise Banaya Jaye , Janiye Dr Batool Se

Jild Ko Chamakdar Kaise Banaya Jaye , Janiye Dr Batool Se

publish March 20, 2018 89
Kab Mere Kehlaoge
Kab Mere Kehlaoge Episode 48 – 19th March 2018

You don’t find love, it finds you! The story revolves around Ujala, Mohsin and Faria. Ujala is a girl who belongs to a poor family whose marriage was fixed with her cousin in their childhood. They have never seen each other. Kashif’s brother who always run

publish March 19, 2018 223
Dard Ka Rishta
Dard Ka Rishta Episode 1 – 19th March 2018

Life becomes cruel when your own family members treat you with disrespect. Dard Ka Rishta is a similar intense story of an innocent girl called Sabeen. Played by, Michelle Mumtaz, Sabeen is an innocent and simple girl who is in search of happiness for a long t

publish March 19, 2018 296
Meri Nanhi Pari Episode 7 – 19th March 2018

Children are supposed to be God’s ultimate gifts. Parents stay up all night long for the sake of their child’s proper sleep without caring about their own sleep. But what will parents do when they come to know that the child they were nourishing and taking

publish March 19, 2018 296
Qurban – Last Episode – 19th March 2018

A father is always her daughter’s first love, Heer, the only child of her parents is a wealthy modern girl who loves to enjoy every moment of her life. For her, her father is the best example of a perfect man. Heer who was born with a silver spoon finds Jama

publish March 19, 2018 466

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