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Anabiya Ep – 16 – 16th July 2016

July 16, 2016 6115 No Comments


Anabiya Ep – 16 – 16th July 2016Anabiya is not just a story, it is a journey in pursuit of happiness and trust…

The story is all about an innocent girl, ‘Anabiya’ played by Neelum Munir who is a strong empowered women with immense patience and ability to accept fate. Though she’s always dreamt of finding true love in the form of her life partner, life treats her with the most unanticipated turn.

Kamran Jeelani plays the role of ‘Obaid’, her naïve and insecure husband who is a captive of his own ego.

Can life be more miserable? Anabiya’s should’ve been support becomes her worst enemy because of false suspicion…

On the other hand lies the story of Anabiya’ sister, Alishba (Azeeka Daniel) who too is living a nightmarefacing the wrath of character assassination in the hands of her husband Munib (Tipu Shareif)

Two sisters who have never been afraid of darkness in their lives…will the dark reality scare them now?

Despite all odds there is a guy, Qasim ( Nirvaan Nadeem) who sincerely loves Anabiya. Will he be able to fight the odds? Will he be able to save Anabiya?

This is a story about strong women ready to face all challenges….a story about helpless parents of socially disgraced daughters…

And a story about shrewd relatives’ conscious about their social status…




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