Aakhri Station Episode 5 – 13th March 2018

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Woman Empowerment is not about showing women as victims, women are already strong, it’s about showing women as the heroes of their own story.
This mini-series ‘Aakhri Station’ touches on important social issues plaguing our society. This series follows the stories of seven separate women who are brought together coincidentally when they ride in the same train compartment.

As their journey progresses, these seven women learn more about each other and come to realize that though they seem different at first, they are actually very similar. All of them are on a journey of empowerment as an ignition to change their circumstances and each of their stories illustrate important, yet often misunderstood, social issues.
Aakhri Station is directed by a very famous director Sarmad Khoosat. He is well-known for his unconventional and marvelous contribution to the media industry. This piece of work is his another accomplishment and effort for women empowerment and for the betterment of our society.

Yasmin is a character highlighting social problems that are very common and ruin the sanctity of relationships. Her husband sees her as his property and feels it is his right to do with her as he wishes. Addicted to gambling, he sells off their meager assets till there isn’t anything left to sell but her.
Forced into prostitution, Yasmin perseveres through her forced labor and toxic relationship but flees when her husband suggests he would force their daughter into prostitution as well. She and her daughter board the train in pursuit of a better, safer life.

In a country where jobs are already scarce, women find their economic opportunities even more restricted. Based in a rural area, Shabana is driven into economic hardships due to an alleged bank fraud by her husband who subsequently loses all interest

Cast :

Eman Suleman,
Sanam Saeed,
Anam Goher,
Farah Tufail,
Malika Zafar
Nimra Bucha,
Amara Butt,
Irfan Khoosat,



Aakhri station
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