93 Shumali Ep 01 – 2009

February 1, 2009 1703 No Comments


The story of the serial is revolving around two brothers Mehr Zavyar Ali Khan and Justice Ahmed Hayat. Ahmed Hayat is a true and straightforward person who never used his powers against the law, while Zavyar Ali is entirely different from Ahmed and keeps using her powers to protect him and exploit others.

Cast :

Mahmood Aslam,
Beenish Khan,
Aurangzaib Laghari,
Farooq Zameer,
Masood Akhtar,
Seemi Raheel,
Kamran Mujahid,
Natasha Ali,
Sohail Sameer,
Fizza Ali,
Sara Chaudhry, Babar Ali

Director : Shafqat Moin Uddin

Writer : Syed Wasi Shah



93 Shumali
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